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Case Studies


TNT is a Global Supply chain entity with a host of experience in most vertical markets and offer tailored services for Healthcare, Hi-tech & computing, Telecoms & electronics, Automotive, Industrial and Textile & fashion industries. They wanted to Customize CargoNet to suit their application in the Health-Care sector.

Business layer Customization

ICT Customized CargoNet at this layer by incorporating the Business Workflow Components as per TNT's requirements.

  • Once the Order is booked the Automated mailing system is alerted to send a mail to the Pickup Executive about the complete Order Details.
  • Once the consignment is picked up from the Shipper the Order is converted into a Job.
  • The Job Data is imported from the Order Entry.
  • One Job Entry is completed The Data Flow goes into creation of Master Airway Bill and Pre-Alert by capturing Data from the Job Level.
  • Once the consignment reaches the Destination POD Data is captured for further processing.

The various Business Entity Components that were created for Entity level Data Capturing are Shipper, Consignee etc, Order Pick up Executive, Agents, Liner, and Transporter etc. ICT customized the Business layer of CargoNet to perfectly match TNT's workflow.

Customer Data Flow

  • TNT Customer Care Call Centre receives a Call from Hospital to Pick the Sample like, Blood or Serum Etc with Qty and other Details.
  • TNT Customer Care Call Centre Executive registers the Pickup order.
  • An Automated Mail is sent to the Pickup Executive with Details of the Products, Qty, Time of Pickup etc.
  • Once pickup is complete , Consignment Number is allotted to the Pickup.
  • Master Airway Bill no is assigned to the Con No.
  • The Consignment is received at the Destination.
  • Samples are Delivered to the Consignee

Presentation Layer Customization

At the presentation layer we designed Data entry screens for Pick up order, Job Entry, Master Airway Bill generation, Consignment Note, Pre Alert generation and Proof of Delivery.

The ICT Technical Team analyzed their Data Capturing process at various stages and designed the Data Entry screens and developed User Interface and Logic components which

  • Simplified the Data Entry process.
  • Captured all the Essential Data like Shipper, Consignee, Pick up Order No, batch Number, Blood Group , Serum group etc.
  • Made the Entries Error Free with Drop down Lists, Auto generation of Order No, Job No, Data Entry Validations etc.
  • Created Customized views which allowed the Department Heads and Managers to keep a constant vigil on the shipment execution at every stage.
  • Allowed instant communication across the supply chain with Auto e-mailing.

Database Layer Customization

  • User Rights and Access Level Permission settings from the Order Entry person till the management and Customer Level.
  • Data Export Components for exporting the Data into TNT's Customized Finance Module.