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Port Handling

Ports play an important role in supply chain links. As all the shipments are channelled through ports, efficient and effective port operations management is a critical requirement. CargoNet Port Handling module helps to maintain strong customer relations and port reputation by streamlining the port operations in all aspects and perspectives. Airports and seaports can utilize the rich features of CargoNet to face operational challenges and ensure the highest level of service. CargoNet comprehensively covers port operational planning and set procedures, legislative and corporate regulations, Finance management, security handling and so forth.

CargoNet covers the functionality of port management from the perspectives of
  • Efficient Master data management.
  • Service data management and reporting.
  • Real time Vessel notifications and scheduling.
  • Handling Contracts, fees and invoices by complete automation.
  • Graphical berth allotment and real time information about status of operations.
  • Port Land and Asset Management.
  • Efficient Information System management across port, agents, liners, customers and other entities involved in port management and supply chain system.

CargoNet efficiently streamlines all the links of work flow for sea port and Air port management and cargo allocation. It increases the dependability of the work flow. The freight forwarders are directly integrated into the workflow. They can enter cargo allocation data and receive information regarding the current transhipment status and vessel & flight movements.

The module generates n-number of customizable reports & all Modules are Work Flow Driven