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Logistics SOP

Air Export SOP and CargoNet

The CargoNet Air Export is mainly aimed the freight forwarding sector who deal with Air Cargo shipment to the dynamically changing industrial sector globally. This sector works on "just-in-time" (JIT) inventories. CargoNet is most effective for freight forwarders when it comes to speedy shipment execution. CargoNet modules are helpful in

  • Sales Lead Management
  • Airline negotiations management
  • Order management
  • Documents generation
  • IATA procedures and process management
  • Customs Clearance & Customs EDI
  • Warehousing
  • Local Transportation
  • Cargo Tracking
  • Cargo delivery
  • Passing on Air Export benefits to Customers

Sales Lead Management

CargoNet lead management module captures leads generated from marketing campaigns resulting in shipment orders. Every single lead can be tracked in detail and leads can be transferred, documents uploaded, status viewed at any point of time and conversions can be tracked salesman wise. The CargoNet sales lead management has unique features like

Lead Nurturing – CargoNet enables personalized and intent lead nurturing program aimed at customer service and building customer relationships and bringing prospects close to sale-readiness.

CRM Integration - Integrates with existing CRM systems, thereby aligning Marketing and Sales' efforts and offers a common platform with a consolidated view of the prospects. Collaboration - Cost-effective collaboration opportunities with partners and affiliates Analytics - Provides an understanding of the effectiveness of the marketing strategies and channels, helping freight forwarders to make appropriate decisions to improve overall performance.

Customs Clearance

At the Customs clearance level, CargoNet Air export clearance module is connected to the CargoNet Air export module. The shipments data captured in the export module can be imported into the clearance module with a single click. The Clearance module is well integrated with the IATA e-freight INTTRA module to complete the processes in quick time. The Custom EDI plug-in is a tool that is specifically developed by I Code technologies Pvt Ltd that establishes online real time interactions with the Customs EDI in transferring relevant statutory documents and get back Customs processed approvals and other documents. This process saves a lot of time and money for the freight forwarders and their customers.

Airline negotiations management

CargoNet is an effective tool when it comes to airline rates and quotes management. The module has two unique features. Freight Rate Management and Freight Quote Management. The software helps by

  • Automated rate calculations based on shipment details
  • Maintenance of tariff rates and documentation procedures
  • Maintaining special prorate agreements
  • Supporting ad-hoc rate management
  • Supporting multiple modes of payment and multiple currencies
  • Delivering price quotations via automated mails and automated SMS channels

Order Management

Once the quotes are accepted and agreed upon, the shipper confirms the order. CargoNet operations modules extensively capture data at the Job creation level. The job entry is the pivotal point where most of the data related to the shipment execution is take as input. The Entry screen is designed for quick and easy navigability and ensures error elimination through effective data validations. Once data is input in the job level, the other modules just have to import data in various permutations and combinations at the operations, finances, communications level.


The shipment once taken out from the exporter' will eventually start its journey to the origin air port to be shipped. While in-transit the cargo is sometimes stocked in warehouses. CargoNet warehouse module is a complete application that interacts with the Air Export and clearance modules keep track of Customerwise stock levels, cargo intake procedures, binning and stacking, Barcode reading, inventory management and outbound operations. By connecting to the Local Transportation module CargoNet ensures connectivity in shipment movement is monitored at every point in the supply chain link.

Local Transportation

Once taken out of the Warehouse, the cargo may be transported via land or rail till the origin port. The module supports and simplifies processes like

  • Transportation mode selection
  • Route Planning & in-transit time optimization
  • Cost optimization
  • Packing and loading
  • Delivery Challan and road papers generation
  • Insurance coverage against in-transit damages
  • Mileage and Rate calculations
  • Vehicles maintenance
  • Vehicles servicing
  • RFID
  • Cargo Delivery at port and POD generations
  • Shipper yard to port and Port to Consignee yard delivery management

Documents generation

The data is then utilized to generate various documents and reports related to operational and statutory requirements. CargoNet documentation procedures support

  • Airway Bill
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Export Packing List
  • Shippers Export Declaration
  • Generic Certificate of Origin
  • IATA Temporary shipment certificate
  • Dangerous Goods Certificate
  • Inspection Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Shippers Letter of Instruction
  • Customs Certificate of Registration

IATA procedures and process management

At the IATA interactions and calculations level CargoNet covers many aspects like

  • Chargeable/volumetric weight
  • Air freight calculations
  • Unit Load Device charges
  • Consolidation

Cargo Tracking & e-docs management

Once the shipment is on board and the flight departs, freight forwarders can utilize the CargoNet cargo tracking module to monitor the cargo in transit at every point of time. cargo tracking can be integrated with the freight forwarders official website where in special login can be provided for customers, agents and other shipment related entities to securely download shipment related documents and reports. The e-docs module helps in reducing unnecessary delays in document transfer and information sharing.

Cargo delivery

Once the cargo is delivered at the destination port the CargoNet port handling, customs clearance, warehousing and local transportation modules simplify the processes of shipment completion.

Passing on Air Export benefits to Customers

CargoNet has been created with many built-in features that support the freight forwarders who can team up with CHAs in getting the Air export benefit schemes to the customer. This feature of CargoNet goes a long way in improvising customer relations for the freight forwarder. Some of the major schemes covered by CargoNet are

  • Duty exemption schemes
  • Drawback and post export benefits
  • Drawback and EOU/EPZ/SEZ
  • Advance license for exports
  • Drawback and zero duty EPCG etc...