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CargoNet Features Over All

I Code Technologies pvt.Ltd., is a design and development Need Full and Important Modules For Logistics. Operational Features, Financial Features, Payroll, Local Transport, Leave Management...

Operational Features

Booking Cargo Tracking
Booking Register Daily Sales Report
Pending Booking Register Debit Note
Refering Bookings In Job BRO Report
Job Lock Fin Register
Job Unlock Financial Report - AE
Master AWB House AWB
Voucher Bills (Can,sales,debit,Credit,Purchase) House AWB Draft
Pre alert Pending Local Sales
Delivery Order Pending MIS-AE
Shipment Summary Pending OS Sales
Debit Note Brokerage Pending Purchase
Air Cargo Manifest Shipment Advice
Air Instruction SOB Register
Airline Tonnage FCR Report
Bank Release Order Freight Certification
Cargo Sales Report UNION HBL
Local Sales Register Job Report
OBL Surrender Letter Fin Register
Purchase Register - SE Financial Report
Pending DN Brokerage Activity Details
PendingMIS-SE Voucher Bills Modification with in Month
Stuffing / Loading Voucher Bills Modification with in days
Sea Cargo Manifest Negative Balance alert
SOB Letter Numbering format for all voucher bills (Automated/Manual)
Quotation Print (All Job Types) Shipper/OSAgent SS Report
Invoice print validations Quotation [All Job Types]

Finance Features

Bank Receipt Branch Profitability
Bank Payment Balance Sheet
Cash Receipt Customized Voucher
Credit Note Cash Book Report
Cash Payment Daily Trans View
Contra Exchange - Gain/Loss
Journal Group - Tree Outstanding
Purchase Bill Group - A/C Statement
Adjustment Cum Journal Group - Outstanding
Bank Reconcilation Group -Tree Trial
Agent Wise Payable Ledger List
Aging Details Ledger Report
Aging Summary Ledger Summary
Bank Book Report Master Export
Bank Reconcilation Profit & Loss - MIS(Module wise)
Profit & Loss Opening balance of customers
Receivable & Payable Opening balance of Vendors
Service Tax ADMIN Opening Balance (Auto update Lock/Unlock)
Service Tax CENVAT Statement Of A/C
Service Tax Payable TDS Register
Service Tax Register Trial Balance - Tree View
Negative Balance alert Trial Balance
Credit Limit for particular ledger User Permission Report
Header Currency Lock In voucer bills Voucher Report
Numbering format for all voucher bills (Automated/Manual) Voucher Register
Show Charges Based On Type In Voucher(Income/Expnse) Exchange - Gain/Loss
Cheque Print Receivable & Payable Report
Refereing Multiple Branch vouchers in BP,BR,CP,CR  


Salary Structure Payslip-Additions
Prime Moving Attendance - NightShift Payslip-Deductions
Reimbursement PR Salary List- Approval
PR Salary Heads Payslip-Salary Structure
PR Salary List- Approval Daily Attendance Report
Schedule Lashing Attendance Report
Attendance-PSA-LS-DayShift Prime Moving Attendance Report
Attendance-PSA-LS-NightShift PR Reimbursement & Deduction Report
Attendance-PSA-PM-DayShift PR Salary List Report
Attendance-PSA-PM-NightShift PaySlip Report
Attendance-Roster Employee List
GLS Monthly Trip Summary Employee Schedule Summary
GLS Daily Trip Summary Recruitment Management

Local Transport

Consignment Note Debit Note
Sales Bill (Invoice) Credit Note
Trip Sheet Purchase Bill
Consignment Cost Sheet Truck Expense
Credit Note Reports Sales Bill Reports
Debit Note Reports Trip Sheet Register
MIS Report Truck Expense Register
Purchase Bill Reports Truck Expense Register- Monthly Wise
Truck Income Expense Register  

Leave Management

Leave History Child Care Leave
Leave Application Leave Calender
LM Leave Approval Leave ForeCasting
Annual Leave Leave ForeCasting Approval
SM Leave Approval