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CargoNet functions at different segments, providing functionality required for each level which are independent as well as interdependent on the other segments of the Supply Chain System. This includes Freight Forwarders, CHAs, Transporters, Overseas Agents, Shipper, Consignee, Ports etc. CargoNet is a complete Framework of Solutions for the entire Supply Chain system. It pieces together all the parameters of the Supply chain into a single Entity

Key Features

  • Unparalleled Real Time Connectivity between various Entities in the Supply Chain System
  • Clear visibility of Entitywise operations at various stages from planning to Shipment Delivery
  • Detailed and Consolidated reporting for Management Framework & Operational Framework
  • Financial Framework
  • Tracking & Communication Framework
  • IATA, Agent, Ports, Branch Framework
  • Clear & Visible Shipment Tracking at every stage based on Roles
  • Device independent Communication and Information Interchange covering the Most advanced Gadgets like PDAs and other Hand Held Devises