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Container Freight Station

CFS is a place where containers are stuffed, de-stuffed and aggregation and segregation of export and import cargo happens. With the growing volume of international trade, the need for expeditious clearance of goods at the port within the minimum possible time has been gaining importance. This is more so when the ports are facing congestion at their premises. CargoNet Container Freight Station system enables ports and people to optimally utilize the existing infrastructure, space, equipment and manage fluent Cargo and container movements within the allocated premises.

CargoNet extends the functionality of Container Freight Stations by automating the complete processes starting from the container arrival at the station. The module extensively covers the operational, financial and communication aspects of the CFS. The activities covered include

  • Container arrival at the station
  • Container warehousing
  • Container and Cargo inspection
  • Yard management
  • Container stuffing and destuffing
  • Container servicing and maintenance
  • Terminal operations handling
  • Invoice and bills generation
  • Customer and Vendor communication management
  • Finance integration
  • Container clearance from the CFS
The module generates n-number of customizable reports & all Modules are Work Flow Driven