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Expense Tracker

Expenses Flow Management

  • Expense will be posted to system by author.
  • Coordinator/Manger will be having rights to see his subordinate's expense list for approval.
  • Once manager approves document, it will get approved with his comment.
  • Manager approved document will be routed to Finance/Accounts admin.
  • Finally accounts administrator will approve for the whole expense document.
  • Incase of high value document will be routed to special approver for document approval.
  • Incase of document rejection it will be flagged with rejection and admin has to attach remarks for rejection.

Expense Alert System

  • Alerting application will be monitoring the system events for new expense document.
  • Application will be on desktop taskbar.
  • If manager approves expense document, immediately Finance admin will get alert from system.

Email System

  • If any expense posted to get approval from manger it will be alerted to manager by mail.
  • If manager approves expense document immediately Finance admin will get mail from system.

Data Transparency to Author

  • List only Newly posted Docs to author.
  • List Rejected / Cancelled Docs with reason to author
  • List Approved expense doc to author

Data Transparency to Manager

  • List awaiting new expense documents for approval.
  • List on-hold documents
  • List Rejected/Cancelled documents, which are not moved to trash, will be listed.
  • List Approved expense document by the current user which is not moved to archive.

Data Manager

  • There will be 3 types of folder – New / Archive / Trash.
  • First data will be appearing on new folder for easy access.
  • If the user wants to organize folder he can move old data to archive folder.
  • Incase of old deleted data that reference user can move to trash. After 30 days it will be deleted from the system.
  • Data never get delete from system incase of archive.