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Warehouse Management System

Inbound Warehouse Flow

The inbound flow in a warehouse begins when items arrive in the warehouse of the company location, either received from external sources or from another company location. An employee registers the items, typically by scanning a bar code. From the receiving dock, warehouse activities are performed at different complexity levels to bring the items into the storage area.

Each item is identified and matched to a corresponding inbound source document.

The following inbound source documents exist
  • Purchase order
  • Inbound transfer order
  • Sales return order
In addition, the following internal source documents exist that function:
  • Production order with output posting
  • Assembly order with output posting
Release Source Document / Create Inventory Put-Away

When items are received in the warehouse, the user who is responsible for receiving releases the source document, such as a purchase order or an inbound transfer order, to signal to warehouse workers that the received items can be put away in inventory. Alternatively, the user creates inventory put-away documents for individual order lines, in a push fashion, based on specified bins and quantities to handle.

Create Inbound Request

When the inbound source document is released, an inbound warehouse request is created automatically. It contains references to the source document type and number and is not visible to the user.

Create Inventory Put-Away

In the Inventory Put-away window, the warehouse worker retrieves, in a pull fashion, the pending source document lines based on inbound warehouse requests. Alternatively, the inventory put-away lines are already created, in a push fashion, by the user who is responsible for the source document.

Post Inventory Put-Away

On each line for items that have been put away, partially or fully, the warehouse worker fills in the Quantity field, and then posts the inventory put-away. Source documents that are related to the inventory put-away are posted as received.

Create Warehouse Receipt

In the Warehouse Receipt window, the user who is responsible for receiving items retrieves the pending source document lines based on the inbound warehouse request. Several source document lines can be combined in one warehouse receipt document. The user fills in the Qty. to Handle field and selects the receiving zone and bin, if required.

Post Warehouse Receipt

The user posts the warehouse receipt. Positive item ledger entries are created. For example, the Quantity Received field on the inbound source document line is updated.