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Logistics IT Infrastructure

Logistics Companies globally are facing the crunch when it comes to IT Infrastructure Design and Deployment. The Management is mainly looking to solve their equations like.

  • How to increase the efficiency of IT?
  • How to adopt IT to the fast changing Business needs?
  • How to ensure business continuity and Growth depending on IT Infrastructure?

Successful utilization of technology can be a critical. ICT works Consultancy Level for supply chain organizations to successfully implement and Sustain IT Infrastructure by building an Agile and Reliable System Architecture.

Core Objectives

  • Simplification and Improve Efficiency.
  • Improved Management Information.
  • Improved Compliancy.
  • Improved Forecasting.
  • Improved Accuracy.

The ICT Proposed IT Infrastructure Architecture

CargoNet functions at different segments, providing functionality required for each level which are independent as well as interdependent on the other segments of the Supply Chain System. This includes Freight Forwarders, CHAs, Transporters, Overseas Agents, Shipper, Consignee, Ports etc. CargoNet is a complete Framework of Solutions for the entire Supply Chain system. It pieces together all the parameters of the Supply chain into a single Entity

  • Networked Infrastructure Management Services
  • Remote Services Provisioning
  • Security Services Provisioning
  • Business Continuity Service
  • Web Hosting Solutions
  • System Management
  • Storage Management and Storage Service
  • Monitoring and Management Service
  • Service Management/Service Automation Tools
  • Advanced Communication Tools
  • File Sharing Over a Secure VPN
  • High Resolution & Secure Audio & VC etc.,


  • The System Is Service-Centric
  • IT–Systems are Pooled and Shared for Best Usage(Virtualization)
  • IT Resources are Automatically allocated to Service(Automation)
  • All Building Blocks are Seamlessly Integrated(Integration)
Key Benefits
  • Pooled Resources, Rule-Based Provisioning
  • Adaptive and Flexible System
  • High Utilization Of Resources
  • Reduced Recurring Costs

Key Feature of ICT MPLS VPN is its ability to work over both private networks as well as public networks like the Internet. Using a method called tunneling; the ICT VPN uses the same hardware infrastructure as existing Internet or intranet links. The ICT VPN technologies include various security mechanisms to protect the virtual, private connections. The ICT VPN enables file sharing, video conferencing and similar network services. It implements the services more efficiently / economically.


Aircel delivers I.IPLS (multi-protocol label switching) VPN (virtual private network) Network that offers Triple play services for organizations seeking a flexible, high performance, private VPN network. Built on carrier-grade platforms, Aircel MPLS core offers fool proof security, superior traffic delivery, ease of manageability with high availability Security, superior traffic delivery, ease of manageability with high availability

Besides using virtual private networks for remote access, the ICT VPN can also bridge two networks together. In this mode of operation, an entire remote network (rather than just a single remote client) can join to a different company network to form an extended intranet. This solution uses a VPN server to VPN server connection. Internal networks can also utilize the ICT VPN technology to implement controlled access to individual subnets within a private network. In this mode of operation, The ICT VPN clients connect to the VPN server that acts as the network gateway.

File Sharing

ICT's Infrastructure will bring together traveling Sales people, Remote Employees, Mobile Systems and the Management Level in enabling access to corporate file sharing from laptops and workstations in a secure way.

File access and file sharing are the key factors in the productivity of remote and mobile Employees. Files and documents may be required before new documents can be created or Key decisions made. Sales personnel will require the latest materials before a meeting, and managers will need to share proposals before submitting them to customers or other managers. ICT empowers remote and mobile users with fast, effective and resilient file access and file sharing, helping to maximize your organization's productivity.

Efficient & Effective Video Conferencing

One of the newest uses of Our Logistics IT Infrastructure is in the area of secure Video conferencing. The system allows users in multiple places to dial in to a central hub, enter an access code for their conference, and allow the VPN to connect them all together. This is an"on demand" service, which means that pre-planning and reservations are not required.

This is a result of our long term planning and Design process, it brings a breakthrough for Video conferencing services; allowing your organization the security of a VPN, developed on a platform which is compatible with whatever network protocol the various clients are using, even if they are using different network protocols.

The ICT designed virtual private network is traveling through the telecommunications "cloud" of the Secure Intranet. This allows for broadband transmission, without data packet loss and the typical latency of the Internet.

An added benefit is the capability to transmit HD video images. This service will become a great boon to the Logistics segment, having the potential of providing enormous savings in Internet costs between your organizations's various locations. Since the system readily communicates with whatever system your systems are utilizing, video conferencing is not limited to just sites that are on the same system.

For any company that needs to maintain security, yet also needs the speed and convenience of Video conferencing,this is an excellent option. Sensitive matters, such as financial and other confidential issues can be discussed, without the risk of leaking to competitors. Decisions can be made instantaneously, instead of waiting for a team to visit the remote site, and return to render their report. Overall, The ICT designed IT Infrastructure creates a win-win situation for your organization.

Enhanced Security via Firewall

ICT can help your organization in installing firewalls which is the most important line of defense between your Organization's network and the outside world. It serves as a buffer between your organization's internal network (Intranet) and external networks (Internet). Just as Internet use by businesses has escalated sharply in recent years, so too has the occurrence of network security breaches. ICT designed firewalls can provide protection for classified information by using different types of application proxies, which are designed to check every connection that crosses the firewall. Our firewall appliances also offer email filtering, web site filtering, security scanning services, and real-time alerting when a breach is attempted.