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Logistics SOP

The supply chain works under set of guidelines and rules. These procedures are common through out the global logistics. There are specific logistics rules and clauses principled across different countries in the world. When freight forwarders look for a software they are essentially looking for a system that can support them in adhering to the Inland and overseas customs principle, taxations, surface transportation rules, rules covering bonded warehouses and other supply chain related rules and regulations besides support generating all the documents and reports required in this process. Obviously freight forwarders around the globe would also look for effective logistics related software at the management level reporting system.

CargoNet is an ERP for complete supply chain management which effectively is also a platform supporting the customs and statutory requirement of every individual country in the world. CargoNet also addresses the freight forwarders long awaited management level accurate reporting taking into account every single penny spent and earned. It has been filled with a huge array of management reporting system at the operational, finance, communication and statutory levels.

Every single statutory document right from House Bill of Lading to TDS, Service tax, customs related documents till manifests and other liner related documentation of various countries and systems is clearly taken care by CargoNet. On the other hand CargoNet also functions as an effective management level reporting system for logistics. Profitability reports, pending reports to advanced drill down reports at the finance level makes CargoNet a decision supporting system.

Customization at the Database layer

CargoNet functions at various levels as an effective tool conforming to the global standard operating procedures for logistics. The functional levels are based on ocean logistics, air logistics and surface logistics. Clear distinction is maintained between import logistics procedures and export logistics procedures. The stages are divided into Pre shipment and post shipment level activities.