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Welcome to CargoNet

A Complete ERP for Logistics , Freight Forwarding and CHA Community

About CargoNet

CargoNet is a complete ERP for Logistics ,Freight Forwarding and CHA Community which is a single centralized framework to integrate and automate all Operational and Financial processes for a Logistics Firm , with the aim of increasing operational efficiency and improving the accessibility and flow of information across all departments and Branches.

What We Do

The Visual Representation Clearly portrays the CargoNet Modules. Every module can work independently as well as in concerto with the other modules. Every module is equipped with enhanced functionality like way Bills, Manifests, Auto Calculations, Automated communication systems.

CargoNet (A Complete ERP for Freight Forwarding and CHA Community) is designed, developed and supported by I code technologies Pvt Ltd.

We deliver high quality software and customised e- business solutions, that reflect the in-depth knowledge in today's fast growing world.

CargoNet Software is an online web based Logistics Cargo Freight system. You can book a demo to know about our software completely.

The major factor that affects supply chain management is effective cargo tracking. When a shipment is in transit, it is very important.

Smart Features of Software

CargoNet Software is an Exclusively Complete Logistics Solution to your Organization

Key Features

What We Do

We Exclusively work for Logistic Industry, with a vision to deliver the high Quality Software.
  • Cloud Computing

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  • Air Freight

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  • Ocean Freight

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  • Land Freight

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Easy-to-customize and fully designed For Logistics Company

All Device Compatibility

Our Logistics Software CargoNet Compatibility in all New Generation Devices

for Apple iOS

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for Windows

Our Modules

Our Vision

We Exclusively work for Logistic Industry, with a vision to deliver the high Quality Software.




  • Logistics IT

    Logistics Companies globally are facing the crunch when it comes to IT Infrastructure Design and Deployment.

  • A private Cloud Server

    CargoNet on the cloud gives many options to use as cloud-based solutions from your local computers.

  • Outsource Logistics Solution

    Outsourcing Logistics Documentation - IT BPO SERVICE

  • IT BPO Services

    An Idea - Why you need to run your business Traditional Way



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