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The CargoNet Warehousing module extensively covers all the incoming, storage and outgoing operations involved in Logistics Warehouse management.

A number of parameters have been considered while designing the Warehouse module they can be listed as
  • The volume of goods.
  • Speed of through-put required.
  • Warehouse as a transit point
  • Breaking bulk location
  • Warehouse as an area for sorting and consolidating different goods.
  • To enhance the speed of the response
  • To protect and account for inventor
  • Warehousing system as a buffer in the event of a break-down or delay in the supply pipeline.
CargoNet Warehouse module focuses on four of the main activities of an efficient warehouse.
  • Cargo receipt
  • Cargo Storage
  • Cargo Picking
  • Cargo dispatch

CargoNet helps in effective inventory management. The warehouse module is designed to handle initial and in-transit warehousing operations. Inventory management involves many complex procedures which have been simplified to a large extent by CargoNet Warehouse module.

  • Order lead time tracking and planning
  • Tracking orders for Cargo
  • Controlling stock movements
  • Establishing minimum stock levels and monitoring the same
  • Cargo receipt quality inspections
  • Physical stock control in the warehouse
  • Controlling Specialised Items
  • Releasing stock from storage and Cargo despatch
The module generates n-number of customizable reports & all Modules are Work Flow Driven

Warehouse Management System

The Cargonet Warehouse Management System contains three categories.They are