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I Code Technologies pvt.Ltd., is a design and development firm based in Bangalore, India. We deliver high quality software and customized e- business solutions, that reflect the in-depth knowledge & understanding of emerging technologies in today’s fast growing competitive world. We aim at achieving an effective end product , as we architects , design and implement web and multimedia solutions that are efficient and effective. We are a single point, always available resource for almost the entire spectrum of graphic, web and multimedia technologies. We strive for Customer Satisfaction and assure you of our best services always.
ICT is a platform of giving a shape to your business through the blend of unique creative and innovative presentation by our expert and industrious developers and designers. We are the leading provider of Internet Solutions with services such as Website Design, Website Development, secure Shopping Cart solutions, Flash Design, Flash Development, Multimedia, Graphic Design Solutions, Web Hosting, Web Promotion Services. IT Companies all over the world out source work to us. They use our abundant resources to offer quality web solutions to their customers. References are available on request. Started operations in 2000, we believe in specialising business to leverage leading-edge technology to gain sustainable competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.
We are rapidly expanding our business with firm faith in our ability to touch the sky …as SKY IS OUR LIMIT. We have some of the most creative minds to provide, improve, and/or develop graphics, animations, web applications for you and more than that, will exceed your expectations and implement your ideas to perfection or can present you with various options you may not have envisioned.
We take pride in being amongst the few design and development firms who have introduced new and imaginative ways of displaying or presenting an idea, company, product, service, or person to the World Wide Web Competence. For any queries concerned to our Services
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The Visual Representation Clearly portrays the CargoNet Modules. Every module can work independently as well as in concerto with the other modules. Every module is equipped with enhanced functionality like way Bills, Manifests, Auto Calculations, Automated communication systems etc. CargoNet in totality aims to improvise on the overall Performance of the Supply Chain System in all its functional aspects. The CargoNet Architecture is designed to support all the Key players in the Supply Chain System. The Functional area covers Freight Forwarders, CHAs, Port Owners, Container leasing and Storage people, Surface Transporters etc. I Code Technologies has put together all the elements of Export, Import, Clearances, Port Handling, Container Freight Systems, Freight Quote and rate management, Customs EDI Integration, by the minute communication System on PDAs and hand held devises, besides brining in Human Resource Management and payroll in a single Technology Capsule called CargoNet. Besides, the Capsule also brings with it a host of Plug-ins which can integrate with Customs EDI, Finances and a host of other modules to enhance the functionality of the System.
Our Mission is to Create Robust IT Environment with Quality products and services to the international trade and Global Supply Chain Systems. Our goal is to empower our clients with the ability to electronically link themselves to their agents and customers and Business partners in Real Time. Our motto is to excel at the services we provide, by maintaining quality of higher standards in our work, coupled on-time deliverables, and excellent customer support in the most cost effective way possible
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