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Air Import

CargoNet Air import module is quite comprehensive in its coverage of all the air import activities from the shipper to the designated consignee. The Air import module provides comprehensive, coverage including Import shipment booking, job creation, CAN and purchase bills generation, in transit transportation, warehouse storage; customs clearance and EDI interface etc. the effective flow as shown below shows its connectivity to other modules that support this module.

The Flow shown below gives a clear understanding of the system

  • Mater BL generation.
  • Job creation and consolidation.
  • Automated email and SMS generations.
  • CAN generation.
  • Delivery Order generation.
  • Invoices and purchase bill creation
  • BRO shipment handling.
  • Cargo tracking
  • Warehouse and barcode reading module linking.
  • Local Transportation module linking.
  • Import clearance module linking.
  • Customs EDI Interface
  • Tracking Delivery process at Consignee location.
  • Integration with Finance module
The module generates n-number of customizable reports & all Modules are Work Flow Driven