Freight Forwarding Software

Freight Forwarding Software

Logistics & Supply chain industry is limitless . As the industry is growing rapidly , Today Freight forwarding and Logistics companies are facing many challenges in terms of costing ,competition,Government and International Regulation,Commoditization and over all  providing high quality service to fulfill customer satisfaction  without affecting productivity . Freight forwarding and Logistics industry is very complex  as it has to go through  many processes like export haulages ,Transportation,Origin handling ,Documents submission to Customs agents ,eway billing ,Ocean freight ,air freight,Destination handling,import haulage. Technology plays a vital role in Logistics industry to control and Track all operations seamlessly  .Hence it is important for freight forwarders to opt for the right software solutions to handle all freight operations. Freight Forwarding Software solution  is a powerful tool for Freight Forwarders to  communicate with carriers,  shippers, manufacturers, warehouses, Storekeepers, managers and end users.

About Cargonet Freight Forwarding Software

Freight Forwarding Software CargoNet is web based ERP software Solution for Freight Forwarders, CHAs, Transporters, Overseas Agents, Shipper, Consignee, Ports etc.Cargonet is single centralized framework to integrate and automate all Operational and Financial processes for a Logistics Firm , with the aim of increasing operational efficiency and improving the accessibility and flow of information across all departments and Branches.

CargoNet freight Forwarding Software Key Feature

  • Complete ERP with integrated module
  • Device independent Communication and Information Interchange covering the Most advanced Gadgets like PDAs and other Handheld Devices
  • Dashboard for each Department
  • Access on any platform
  • Anywhere anytime access
  • No Infrastructure investment
  • Paperless Document Management
  • Highly Productive
  • EDI Interface
  • Track & Track
  • Back Office KPI
  • Free Enhancement
  • Online Tracking
  • Auto Status Update
  • CCP (Customer Credit Portal)
  • Vendor Payment Portal (VPP)
  • Easy user Customization
  • Easy Export Report Generation in Excel, HTML, Word, PDF etc
  • Payroll  Management
  • Leave Management
  • Smart Sales Management
  • CRM System