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Cargonet GST Migration

Dear Customer :-
Thanks for the support. GST Migration we have few days to Go live, Cargonet Team is working hard for the successive implementations. Being a part of Cargonet Family we look forward your support to make it happen.
Update on 30/06/2017

Steps for GST migration in Cargonet

SL No GST Migration steps Response
Master Charges Configuration
End user / Finance Team - has to update SAC code ,
SGST,CGST & IGST Tax % in Excel & send back to I Code
( Refer Mail Subjected : Cargonet GST Migration -
Master charge configuration )
Master Branch - Tax Config & GSTIN No update
I Code Team
CN Version Upgrade - I
I Code Team
Master Company - GSTIN No update for All Debtors & vendors
End user / Finance Team
CN Version Upgrade - II ( Subjected to Version Upgrade Cost Payment )
I Code Team / Customer
New GST Voucher Bills & Reports
End user / Finance Team
Update on 28/06/2017
Please find the Response Chart
SL No Cargonet Support Team Response Customer Response
Development Team Enable GSTIN No in Master Company
Update the GSTIN No in Master Company from on 1/07/2017 - Response Fin Team
CN Team will Provide SAC Master Data
Select the SAC code & Tax % in Charge Master and press update - Response Fin Team
*CN Team will provide New voucher Types GST Billing (Voucher No will start from 1 )
Note : Service Tax Vouchers will be Allowed Till 5th July after 5 July only you can view the Service Tax Vouchers
Note : All report will support Service tax and GST Billings/Payments in this Fin year data .
User has to post billing in the Respective GST Billing from 1/07/2017 System will Identify the Interstate and intra State Tax % SGST + CGST / IGST based on the Customer GSTIN No - Response Billing Team
For Ex :
Case 1 : Intra State Billing (Same State )
If your GSTIN Reg in Mumbai and your Customer Billing Address and his GSTIN Reg in Mumbai then System Generates intra state Billing

Case 2 : Inter State Billing (Different State )
If your GSTIN Reg in Mumbai and your Customer Billing Address and his GSTIN Reg in Delhi then System Generates inter State Billing
Provision for GST % for different type Service Ex :

1. Ocean Freight:
       1. Imports: 5%
          2. Exports:
              1. Prepaid: 5%
              2. Collect: Nil
2. Air Freight:
       1. Imports: Nil (Vide exemption Notification)
       2. Exports:
              1. Prepaid: 18%
              2. Collect: Nil
3. Other Charges: Various SAC Codes all bearing 18% (Including Ex-works, THC, IHC, etc.)
4. 3rd Country: Generally exempt (Still have to get consultation regarding certain shipments)
Select Applicable Charges in Job Estimation / Billing system will automatically Calculate the Tax% based on your Customer Master tax % Input. – Response Fin/oprn Team
Note : you can't change the Tax % in the Transaction
ICT will provide above Menu
Until don't try GST Billing in Current Local Invoice/ Debit notes
*Once Billing is set right within 15 days ICT will enable Solution to File the GST Monthly returns (CN Team will share help documents on GST Returns)
GSTR 1 - GSTR 2 - GSTR 3 - Response Fin Team
Vendor Purchase Bills GST Upgrade
Follow the same Logic as per Billing in the Context of Purchase - Help Doc will be Provided - Response Fin Team
Note : GST Migration and Filling Cost Rates will be updated shortly
For Any Query write to

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