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Auto E-invoice system Under GST for
logistics & Freight forwarding

E-invoice is not an option now, it is becoming mandatory from 2020 Oct for Higher Volume company (400cr) and from mid volume Company from 1st Jan 2021 expect to be implemented to all other companies above 5cr from April 2021.

What is e-invoice

An digital form of Invoice submission directly to IRN Server from CargoNet.

What is E-invoice

This Billing Method leads to Auto-reconciliation of invoices and calculations GST Input vs Output. Keep free from doing GST submission.

How we can help in e-invoice

Cargonet inbounded with e-invoice accounting features for logistics & freight forwarding companies where you can do billing as you do early and our system take care of the rest of the other process.

E-invoicing process

Cargonet freight forwarding software make more simple and easy process for e-invoice. It picks data from your quotes / Estimation convert into preform invoice on your approval Cargonet Freight E-Invoice software module sends freight invoice values to IRN server for submission via API & brings back valid IRN no and QR code.

Steps involved in e-invoicing.

Why Cargonet Freight E- Invoice Software ?

Cargonet E-Invoicing Software for Freight Forwarding is an advanced tool to manage all  Audit operations more efficiently. Our Freight Invoice software System generates error free invoicing for Sea, Land & Air Freight operation.

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