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Cargo Tracking Devices

Cargo Tracking Unit consists of a built-in GPS receiver, GSM modem and battery for back up during failure of external power. The unit is provided with Serial port for configuration of the device. The unit is also provided with voice port for connecting headset for two-way communication and a buzzer for incoming call indication.

Cargo Tracker deals with remote vehicle tracking and monitoring for effective utilization of resources and for building an information interface through which the consumers as well as the fleet owners can keep track of goods and vehicles. GPS Vehicle Tracing systems provide real-time meaningful location and status of the vehicles in the fleet, which can be used to plan trips, attend to real-time demands from consumers and monitor the driver behavior.

The unit is provided with 7.4V/1700 mAh internal battery with charging facility for back-up during the external power failure. The unit also equipped with Ignition ON/OFF detection and intelligent power management for detecting the external power removal failure. When external power is removed or failed, communication will be sent to the pre-define number/server.

All the communication with the user/server is handled by Tri-Band GSM/GPRS module which accurately delivers all the navigation data. The communication is either through GPRS network. The unit can be remotely configured (OTA Configuration).

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The Solution offers following utilities.

The term "CargoNet" is evolving in the marketplace to fit an ever-increasing range of software functionality and purpose. CargoNet is always expected to improve the Shippers 'capabilities to Plan, Execute, Analyze, Benchmark and continuously improve the Management of product flow. As the ranks of Global Corporations with world-spanning supply chains are joined by more large and medium businesses with less attenuated—but no less important—lines of supply, the capabilities and focus of tools designed for the logistics function are changing to meet new demands.

  • Online real time tracking on digitized map with zoom, pan, search, locate, audit trail etc type of GIS utilities.
  • Dashboard for fleet status at a glance.
  • Consolidated report for fleet efficiency details.
  • Geo-fence based reporting to operate your fleet as per plan.
  • Fuel level chart to arrest fuel siphoning
  • Speed violation chart
  • Trip assignments to track & achieve on time delivery.
  • Consignment based tracking.
  • Web service to provide feed existing ERP, SAP or other management package.
  • Exception based reporting including automatic mail and alerts
  • SMS based query & alerts, as per set business rules
  • Remote immobilization of vehicle.
  • Status reporting for Ignition.