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Product Profile

CargoNet is a state of the art Technology tool for the Freight Forwarding community that helps reduce costs and inventories, cuts cycle times, improves forecasting and increases flexibility and responsiveness in areas such as planning and execution, order fulfillment, procurement, production scheduling, logistics, transportation management and warehouse management.

CargoNet is simple to Install, Easy to learn and has a friendly and consistent User Interface that end users find easy to navigate across menu , make entries faster and takeout quick reports. The Management finds CargoNet as a dependable Reporting and Analytical tool that generates accurate reports for Job Profitability, Pending Payables & Receivables. It gives a Cutting edge to the management in Planning; assimilate resources and Executing shipments perfectly matching Customer requirements in terms of Cost, Time & Reliability, monitoring Status at every stage and quick communication to Customer's Customer and Vendor's Vendor keeping the whole scenario in perfect control.

Features & Benefits

CargoNet offers a wide range of features and benefits to the Supply Chain System in General and to the Freight Forwarder & CHA in particular.
CargoNet is made of Modules :
  • Air Export
  • Air Import
  • Sea Export
  • Sea Import
  • Air Import Clearance
  • Sea Import Clearance
  • Air Export Clearance
  • Sea Export Clearance
  • Finance
  • Cargo Tracking
  • Ware House
  • Lead Management
  • Local Transportation

Each module is personified to perfection. The Customer can opt for a single module or the whole package. All the modules are connected to Finance for obviously known reasons. When there is an Invoice entry in the operations, Data gets automatically linked to Finance Module. The user has to just refer the Job and import the relevant information to get invoice printed within a matter of minutes. Major Features of the Software as analyzed from the perspective of the Freight forwarder who implements the software can be briefly summarized as Operations, Finance and management aspects.

For the Employees who use the system as End users in Operations the major advantages are
  • Easy Import of Data from Job to Pre-Alert, BL, AWB etc.
  • Easy save & Print in a single click.
  • Pre-Printed and Manifested Bill of Lading and Airway Bill generation with a single Click.
  • Context sensitive Auto SMS and e-mailing System from Within the job-Enables easy and fast communication with Customers regarding shipment and Order Status at each stage.
  • Cargo Manifest generation with a single click.
  • Periodical Reports can be generated with relative ease with a single click.

For the Finance people the software offers many built-in features which will help in reducing the routine paper work besides simplifying finance and accounting. You can import Job Data and create an invoice by just a few clicks and send it to Customer by Auto mail too.

Featured advantages are
  • Easy Data Import from Operations.
  • Option for Bank and cash Transactions.
  • General Purchase and sales can be recorded without linking to operations. This helps in maintaining general accounts , thus eliminating the need for any other Finance Package.
  • Group and Ledger Balances between any specified period.
  • Aging Reports give an accurate picture of date wise balances for Payables & receivables.
For Management we offers a wide range of Decision Support reports which will help in charting out the future course of action depending upon the current scenario.
  • Job Profitability report- Gives you a crystal clear picture of job profitability. Every Income and Expense related to the Job are accounted and reported. You can easily judge where and what went wrong with individual shipments to find the loopholes and plug them to increase profitability. This can also be generated for a period which gives a summary report. This can be viewed Customer wise, Salesman wise, Area wise etc to get a clear picture from all aspects. This helps in chalking out future course of action for the management.
  • Enhanced Customer satisfaction: - Features like Auto e-mail, Auto SMS and e-Docs help in gaining better customer relation. These are the value added services which your customers will find extremely useful at the time of critical shipments and the information flow helps build a transparent system where your Customer's Trust on you will only enhance and develop.
  • Bank reconciliation Report:-Bank wise reconciliation helps in getting a clear picture of your Transactions and bank balances at a glance. This helps in planning your Cash & Fund flow more meticulously and intelligently.
  • MIS Report: - Updates summary of job based income, expenses and Profit Module wise. You can find out from Air Export, Air Import etc. ie Sector wise profit for a period.
  • Aging Reports:- Individual Customer/Vendor wise balances Based on aging factor which you can fix. This helps not only in knowing the balances , but also helps in allocating priority to individuals based on Customer /Vendor rating which you can do based on the outstanding.
  • Credit Days & Credit Amount Limit: - This feature helps you in fixing the Number of credit days and max ceiling amount for each Customer based on Customer rating. You can even seal further transactions with a Customer if the limit is crossed unless approved by you.