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Sea Import

The CargoNet Sea import module is designed for major sea importers to achieve greater efficiency in the longer run. One of the reasons for CargoNet success is its availability as software specially designed for the industry. ITC designs and develops logistics solutions as a custom designed product as per the specific needs of the industry. This makes the CargoNet an asset. Logistics companies are ever challenged to differentiate their services from the competitors in a market where logistics is considered as a commodity by most customers. By effective utilization of CargoNet Sea import module can give an efficient and cost-effective service advantage that logistic companies seek. Logistic companies can control costs and manage margins in order to increase their profitability besides managing accurate resource management. The various options in the module and their effective integration with the other supply chain modules of CargoNet make the CargoNet sea import module quite effective and efficient.

  • Sales force management.
  • Order booking.
  • Mater bill of lading creation.
  • Job creation and consolidation.
  • Automated email and SMS generations.
  • House Airway bill generation.
  • CAN creation
  • Delivery order generation
  • Packing list creation.
  • Local transport module integration.
  • Warehousing module integration.
  • Sea Import Clearance Module integration.
  • Customs EDI interface.
  • Integration with Finance module.
The module generates n-number of customizable reports & all Modules are Work Flow Driven