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Transporting Wet cargo by air - 11 Precautions that must be taken

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 It’s important for you to understand the risks involved when transporting wet cargo by air, as well as how to properly package it for shipping.

 Understanding the Hazards Involved When Shipping Wet Cargo

 The most significant hazard involved with transporting wet cargo by air is the potential damage to other shipments or the airplane itself if there is a leak or spill. Here are some of the things you can do to minimize these risks:Similar to the regulations for dry cargo, the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) is your guidebook for all things dangerous goods



While dry cargo may seem like a straightforward shipping method, wet cargo can present unique challenges for airlines and shippers both in terms of airline operations and logistics. Wet cargo is any non-dangerous good that may create a hazard if it were to spill on other cargo or equipment during transport. Examples of wet cargo include perishables, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs and flowers. Transporting wet cargo requires additional precautions because of the potential damage that could occur if a spill occurs.


Wet cargo must be packed as described below to prevent leakage in transport – The packaging must be designed to withstand the pressures encountered in air transport; i.e., provide resistance to water vapor pressure at the highest temperature expected during transport and provide structural stability at the lowest temperature expected during transport. The packaging must provide a minimum 0.5 cm (0.2 inch) separation between containers and inside the outer packaging. The packaging must have sufficient cushioning material to prevent breakage and deterioration due to shock or vibration during transport or handling


When transporting wet cargo by air, either by airfreight or by air courier, there are several precautions that must be taken. These precautions are:


1. Never transport anything which is perishable, or which is likely to spoil on transfer from one place to another.

2. The cargo must be wet-proof, or in any case must never be exposed to rain or moisture during the transfer by air.

3. The cargo must be packed in watertight containers, and must also be properly protected from the elements.

4. The cargo must be packed in such a way that water can flow out of the container at a rate equal to that of water flowing in.

5. The cargo should be checked for off-gassing.

6. The cargo must never be packed in such a way that cargo contact or handling and sorting are likely to cause damage.

7. The cargo must be securely wrapped, and must not be susceptible to damage by rough handling.

8. The cargo must be protected from damage by rodents, insects, and other animals.

9. All packaging must be properly secured, and the package must be properly labeled.

10. The cargo must be accompanied by a packing declaration of compliance

11. All packing must be of uniform size, and must not cause any hazard to aircraft operations.

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