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13 Reasons Why You Need To Start Using Container Tracking Software

A great container shipping software system is the backbone of your business. It’s what allows your drivers to track shipments, customers to track orders, and shippers to track their cargo. Container Tracking software analyzes data, finds problems, and predicts what might be going wrong. From that, it generates alerts and suggestions.

But you probably already know that. What you might not know is how to choose the best container tracking software for your business.

Knowing what’s going wrong before you call customer service can save you hours of time.


It can also help you plan for the future. You set up the software to track your business’s deliveries and shipments, and the software starts generating reports that show you when certain items might be delayed or likely to be lost or damaged. And you can set up alerts to let you know when those things happen, so that as soon as you get an alert, you can start taking action.


We offer container tracking software that combines basic shipment tracking with most of the features shippers need. For example, Our offer container tracking software that includes shipment tracking and status updates including the ability to schedule shipments, print shipping labels, and view and print invoices.


 Container  Tracking software also lets you see the big picture. You can track all of your shipments, or select some of them, so you can see when certain items are likely to be late or likely to be lost or damaged.Tracking software works in the background, and the only time you’ll see it is when it alerts you to a problem.With tracking software, you get a lot of data. Our software analyzes that data and generates alerts and suggestions. It gives you the big picture.

But the most important job of your tracking software is to identify problems. Our Shipment tracking software analyzes your data to find patterns. For example, it might find that shipments that arrive late tend to be shipped by a certain carrier. Or that packages that get lost often travel during peak shipping times.


We provide Container tracking software with advanced features that are powerful yet simple. This container tracking application includes advanced shipment tracking functionality in addition to the basic shipment tracking features. For example, some container tracking software companies offer container tracking software that can track ocean containers that arrive or depart a port. Cargonet software also has the ability to track and trace shipments across multiple carriers.


Advantage of using CargoNet container tracking software

  1. Saves time –  Our Container tracking software helps save a lot of time. Logistics businesses are constantly on the move, and keeping tabs on container movements, cargo location and status of goods in transit is a tricky task.
  1. Optimize routes – CargoNet  helps optimize routes. Since container tracking software keeps track of the location of cargo, it helps logistics businesses plan routes better. Through real-time tracking of container movement, logistics companies are able to pinpoint the best route and time.
  1. Better resource utilization– Our Container tracking software helps logistics businesses better utilize their resources. Container tracking software helps improve the utilisation of resources such as vehicles, manpower, and cargo.
  1. Improved Security and Safety–   helps logistics businesses create better plans. Through real-time tracking of container movement, logistics companies can plan better.
  1. Better customer service –  helps improve customer service. Through tracking of container location, logistics companies can provide customers with precise information.
  1. Saves money – Our tracking software helps save companies money. Logistics companies can save a lot of money on fuel, labor, and repairs through real-time tracking and optimized routes.
  1. Helps with planning and budgeting – Cargonet Container tracking software helps logistics businesses with planning and budgeting. Real-time tracking helps businesses plan better.
  1. Helps reduce losses and damages – Cargonet Container Tracking helps logistics businesses reduce losses and damages.
  1. Monitors cargo movements –  Provides real time visibility to all cargo movements
  2. Security – Helps to keep all information about your business secure and updated.
12.Reduced Risk – improves security and safety of your goods 13.Build-in and Customized reports -CargoNet container tracking software provides customers with accurate status reports. The accurate status reports allow the customer to make informed decisions about how to best conduct business.
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